The covers of any magazine are the face by which it is judged. They express the growing pains, mood swings and love pangs of the magazine, its editors and publishers.

Art Deco Lighting in Your Home

Obviously, the lighting scheme that you choose for your home can have an enormous impact on the overall look of your home decor. The lights you choose give off more than light. They can give off a warm and welcoming feeling, or they can be used to give harsh highlights and shadows if that is the effect you are going for in your home design. Many people do not ever give this part of their lighting choices a second thought. For those who do consider such things however, it is important to use the lighting fixtures appropriate to the theme you are following.

One very popular style of decor today is art deco. Art deco design actually has its roots back in the mid 1920’s and early 1930’s. It is an elegant style that showcases shapes and forms. Specifically, geometric shapes and dazzling polished metals like chrome and steel are often featured. Ironically, many people choose to purchase art deco style items because they look so modern. The irony is that they pay extra to get their hands on genuine vintage merchandise from the early thirties to make their homes of today look as modern and elegant as possible.

Art deco design actually reaches far beyond just art deco lighting fixtures. Although you can certainly make a strong statement in your home decor with properly utilized deco light fixtures, there are also a plethora of options available in the art deco style that you might want to check out. Posters, prints, and mirrors are popular deco items on sites like eBay. For those interested in going even further, you can find entire houses build and decorated in the deco style. The city of Miami is actually well known for having quite a bit of art deco architecture. This is mainly because the city exploded on to the scene and experienced rapid growth during Art Deco’s prime years. If you think that you might want to go for an elegant look in your home design that looks modern, but not too futuristic, you might want to give art deco some consideration. There are many online resources to help you find just the right items to decorate your home and you can also often find some great deco items for sale at local estate sales, if you enjoy visiting them.


The Media Feasts On News About Apple

Apple’s stock shows how silly the media can be. Being the most talked about company in the world, there is more conjecture and analysis about Apple than one can fathom. It has become an industry unto itself to write about Apple just because the eyeballs seem to be there. Producing exciting tech products that so many of us use, the demand for more and more information about the company seems to never end. 

The problem is that much of the analysis is done by amateurs who pump out content just to make money. The way the Internet media works is that athors can, in some instances, get paid based on the number of views their writings accumulate. Writing about Apple and its stock is the best way to get a high number of clicks because of the tremendous interest. There is no need to fully understand what you are talking about or to have done any comprehensive research and in fact, the more controversial or wrong your piece is, the more clicks it may get. 

Buying Apple stock that pays a nice safe dividend can be a good way to get started in the stock market. But if you do decide to buy the stock, be prepared for the avalanche of news and endless analysis that seems to accompany it. This never ending stream of opinions will make it hard for you to hold on because there seems to be a large segment of writers who do not like Apple and continually write negative hit pieces. It will be up to you to sift through all the BS and form your own opinion of whether the stock is worth keeping and for how long. No matter what the company does, there will be writers and investors who are not happy. 

Designing a the Perfect Budget

Budgeting can be a difficult task for most people but it is of vital importance. Every day our financial system moves into more debt because people are unable or unwilling to budget correctly. Therefore in this article I wanted to talk about a few ways you can design the perfect to help your family flurish financially. One of the major reasons you want to get your budget in order is to prevent an audit recovery of yourself. You want to make sure financially there is no way you could ever go back and say I did something wrong.

Therefore the first step in preparing your budget is to use online tools that can make your life easier. I recommend you start by using to get started. They provide a system that will automatically integrate with your financial institue, credit cards, and bills to track everything. This will allow you to instantly see where your money is being spent and how much. This is always a great first step for many people as they are not currently tracking there expenses.

The next step will be to desicde how much you would like tp budget for fun activties, food, and any other neccessities. The hardest part of any budget will be sticking to those numbers from month to month. You will find that as you do you will overcome and financials difficulties and help your self become financially free. 

University of Arts London bans payday loan adverts

A recent report by the Arts London news stated that the UAL has campaigned against any form of advertising of payday loans in the University campuses.

Payday Loan companies know that students are always struggling for cash. Research has shown that up to 10% of UK students had taken out payday loans to help with their financing. The UAL wants to stop companies like Wonga and Quickquid from promoting these types of loans at students as they are firmly in disagreement with how much they profit from people with little or no income.

David Smith, a founding owner of who offers a fast loan matching service is somewhat dismayed about this. He advised “This goes against the students freedom to make their own opinions. Many students are struggling to pay for food and pay off other debts, sometimes with higher charges such as bank overdraft fees, but they don’t get the bad publicity like the payday loan industry” Mr Smith believes that more information about budgeting and how to manage their money would be a better way of getting through to students. Like why do they need to have the latest expensive mobile phone contracts when there are ways to reduce the costs and deals all over the web.

Students who are desperate for cash and are in debt should seek help from debt advice first. Speak to their parents and be extra careful with their spending. Don’t just go along with society and buy the designer gear just because your friends are buying this. Either way the University of Arts London will no doubt continue to ban any type of advertising on their campuses. This will not stop them from using these types of loans if they really feel they need to.

The Art of Web Design

Designing a web store can be a tedious process that requires multiple revisions and an expert eye. But with a little work you can make an amazing website who’s design inspires the web visitors and other web visitors like yourself. In this article we will cover some ideas that will help you discover your web artist and make beautiful web design. The first step in this process is to find a style you like. You need to decide whether you want a clearn design or a more complicated design. Personally I have always preferred a cleaner design. For example this CTR ring store features a more white clean design. You will see that they use a lot of white space and bright colors to help the user discover content more easily. But on the other end of the spectrum would be a design like this one. As you can see one design is more simple but the other can be more visually appealing.

By deciding on a design standard you would like to follow you can start designing your own webpage. Next you will want to decide on what platform you will want to design for. Creating a website on Magento or WordPress will require completely different slices and images. Therefore decide what platform you are designing for before you begin. Once you find the right platform you will be able to make bqutiful designs for people to admire from afar.

Decorating Your Christmas With Classics

Tradition is a funny thing. Many people now live in a culture where tradition is cast away to the side while we carry on living in a way that is fast paced and highly forgettable.

There is one time of year though where traditional values and the feeling of home rings through to the hearts of even the coldest Scrooge. When Christmas comes round its everyone’s time to get in to comforting habits as they get ready to leave the office and enjoy the comfort of home, and more importantly, get festive.

For those living abroad though, it can be hard to find that comfort familiarity gives. That’s why there’s an increase of families getting their relatives presents like gift baskets with the best local food that bring back great memories.

Giving a loved one far away those familiar foods that harkens back to home is a great way to make a family member feel a part of the family Christmas celebrations for the times when they can’t be there.

Even if it’s just a basket of the kitchen staples from home, it’ll be the difference between someone having the traditional family breakfast on the most important day of the year and missing out on those simple pleasures derived from a taste of home.



The Art Of Dressing In Cold Weather

The nights are drawing in, the days are shortening, the leaves are on the ground and the big winter chill is setting in. After a long, hot lazy summer of mooching about in a swimsuit and flip flops, the transition into a winter wardrobe can be tough. But don’t let it get you down – the art of dressing for cold weather couldn’t be simpler.

First of all, think about all of the great winter things to get inspired. Crisp, frosty mornings, holidays, warming food, cosy knits and of course, snow! You don’t have worry about overheating; it’s all about keeping toasty warm now.

Starting at the bottom, a good pair of boots is a must. Keeping your toes warm in icy temperatures helps keep the rest of you cosy too. A good pair of boots might be expensive, however if you choose wisely they should see you through not just this winter, but a good few more.

For the bottom half, jeans are probably the easiest thing to just throw in, and are just such a timeless classic. Alternatively, if jeans aren’t your thing (pretty unlikely admittedly), try wearing thick tights with a trendy yet traditional tartan skirt

The afore-mentioned cosy knits are fantastic choices for your top half, especially since Nordic chic is definitely in. However if you don’t like to bulk out your silhouette, then fine knit polo necks are chic and warm too. Think layers too – wearing vests and long sleeve tee-shirts can keep your warmer.

A coat is obviously an essential in cold weather. Insulated parkas can look chic and just a touch retro, but don’t forget to have a smarter dress coat for when you are going out. Wearing a gorgeous party dress with heels with a parka will look completely incongruous.

Accessorizing in winter is so simple – hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, wrist warmers, ear muffs, there are so many ways that you can customize your look with minimal effort.

So snuggle down for a long and cosy winter.



The Beautiful Garden for My Dog


My backyard always becomes the spot for my dog to spend her day. She likes to hide or juts lay down on the grass all day long. At first I did not notice that she has been using my backyard as her personal space but then after I found out, I decided to redecorate it so that my dog can be more comfortable. Now she loves my garden more than before and spends her time there unless she needs to eat. She needs to come back inside because I put the automatic dog feeder in my house. I feel like I did a great job by making my dog happy. You should try it sometimes.

Design a Comfortable House for Pet


I have just moved to my new house, it becomes hard work to design and rearrange the property so all the member of the family will fell comfort and do not compare with the previous one. It’s no secret that we’re color lovers. We paint the wall as the request of the family member. So each room has different color with others. A little color goes a long way to brighten up a home and a lot of color well, even better! For those who consider their favorite animal a part of the family like us absolutely want to make our pet feel comfortable too.

Offering a place for pet to feel safe that is in perfect harmony with the surrounding space lead us to have a beautiful house and a pet, too. An automatic pet feeder in the dining room  make our home beautiful and comfortable, this way can lead us have much more time to spend together especially in our meal time. It will be more  more beautiful place for us to live in. Thinking about our pet, ever wondered how they find our home and whether it is comfortable for them to live too. And here we go to live. Provide comfortable spaces for pet and yet remain attractive and stylish for us to stay.

The Art of Payment Calculations

Determining the cost of loan financing has become a bit of an art form with sources such as the PAymentBot helping you to reach your goals.

Anybody living within the USA needs to understand the benefits and importance of the credit facilities provided by local financial institutions such as banks. These institutions provide suitable information that is essential for the loans and credit that people need in their lives. To find out more information, it is essential to make use of the resources such as the loan payment calculator available at PaymentBot. This is an online website that provides useful information to individuals who need to take out loans and credit facilities of other kinds. It is essential to work out matters and find out exactly what a loan entails and how much it will cost in the long term as well as in the short term.

One of the best ways to use this website is to understand the kind of loan needed, including the amount necessary or the interest amounts being charged. Understanding all these essential factors will make it easier for borrowers to organize themselves and plan their loans a whole lot better. There are always mitigating factors that need to be organized in all manner of ways. This is one of the best ways to take charge and accessing the online website PaymentBot is definitely advised.

To manage a loan well, it is best to start with all the necessary tools. These tools will ensure success for the borrowers and will ensure they have the facilities as well as the amenities necessary for success and all this information will be readily available at PaymentBot. It is essential to work out matters and find out exactly what a loan entails and how much it will cost in the long term as well as in the short term. One of the best ways to use this website is to understand the kind of loan needed as necessary.

Wonderful Art Of Ethnic Bag

Bag is the part of woman life. They stuff their whole life into their bag and make sure there is a complete mess inside. No mess – not enough stuff. As the development of fashion style, ethnic bag start increasingly popular. If you intended to own the newest ethnic bag just directly visit which providing various and stylish bag with ethnic touch.

We have a wide choice of handmade ethnic You can find handmade bag made of canvas with the variety combination of colorful patchwork and sweetened with muted embroideries. Blend colors and interesting shapes will definitely fit with any style, especially for you who love full color appearances.

You can easily combine your ethnic bag with your clothes because the color and design of the bag is unique. It is suitable to wear in every situation both of formal and informal. Just get it and create your own art style.

Respite In The Country

I grew up in Illinois in a small suburb of Chicago.  Small town living with the ease of the giant metropolis nearby.  I loved trips into the city, where as a younger child we would board the Metra and ride the train all the way to the LaSalle Street Station in the heart of beautiful downtown Chicago. 

During these excursions, I would look up at the Sears Tower looming in the distance, and try to see the top of it through the clouds.  The giant skyscraper seemingly touched the sky.  I wondered often what my ancestors would think of such a sprawling city.  William B. Ogden, who was the first mayor of Chicago as well as one of the gentlemen who helped build the city prior to the Great Chicago Fire would undoubtedly approve of the unique architecture of the city.  

Fast forward a decade, and I was headed to college for my first semester away from home.  I drove two and a half hours south, straight into the Illinois Plains, and I longed for a slice of Lou Malnatis pizza and to see the formidable buildings lining the distinguished skyline.  While the campus offered some unique, old charm, the most updated building on campus was the recreational center, which housed the workout equipment and the swimming pool.  Our rec center was certainly a sight to behold, and offered a wide variety of equipment for all students to use free of charge.  They also offered some different classes, such as those seen at, though the hustle and bustle of the city was missing.  While I might not have been able to view a beautiful skyline from the waters of Lake Michigan while I was studying, I could at least enjoy the one modern building on campus, and get in shape while I did it.


Country Architecture

It is important when building in the countryside to make sure that what you are doing does not spoil the surrounding areas and it can be difficult to get the balance right and make sure that you have made a contribution rather than detract from the area. Looking at other good examples of buildings and holiday lodges England can be useful.

These kind of projects can be an interesting thing to take on because it will challeng your abilities while giving you the freedom to explore the effect of nature and architecture. The many buildings through the countrysides of the UK are testament to what can be done and their are many beautiful examples that have stood for hundreds of years and did not even have to deal with the planning permition and conservation issues that many architects have to overcome in designing a building today.

Many will see it as a great challenge and any good, ambitious young architect would be honoured to carry out a project that will allow themselves to be tested in such a way as it can lead on to bigger and better things after they have proved that they are capable of dealing with this kind of situation.


Broadcast Your Architectural Designs Online

If you are a newbie architect then you know just how difficult it is to acquire clients. You may have some experience working on small projects here and there but if you want to make a name for yourself, you need to reach out to a bigger market. Who knows, you might have the modern design ideas that could revolutionize the way modern architecture works. The best way to do this is to start your own website.

Starting your own website to showcase some designs and to attract clients is a basic business strategy these days. Pretty much everyone is offering their services and products online. If you aren’t that well-versed in designing your own site, it is much easier, quicker, and in many ways cheaper to outsource to a developer. Web design prices are not as ridiculously high as they used to be, so even with a limited budget you can get a decent and attractive website that will get clients interested.

You can do it in many different ways, too. You can set up a professional website with content that showcases your designs or you could get a very basic, blog-like static website that is simple but nonetheless functional. Of course the more complicated the design is, the higher the web design prices will be. That is reasonable however because you want something that is visually appealing but also easy to navigate for your website visitors.

Modern architecture is often criticized for being monotonous, devoid of emotion and style, yet more and more innovative architects are proving that this is not always the case. You might have a few radical designs in mind that could forever change the way people look at buildings, so why not let the world know about it? Web design prices are low and with platforms like WordPress even an inexperienced person can maintain a professional website.


San Francisco and the 21st Century

So San Francisco has become something of my adopted home for a number of reasons.  To start, my wife and I have decided to raise our family here, which seems like a great idea in retrospect simply because we love it so much.

Secondly, we live in an area with some of the best schools around and live in one of the most walkable neighborhoods in America.  Those are all really cool things don’t you think?

Anyway, in SF they have a real architectural challenge. They have to blend the old with the new in ways that other cities on the west coast especially don’t.  Even considering the earthquake of 1906 and the construction boom that it caused afterward, those are still older neighborhoods than say Los Angeles, Seattle or San Diego have to deal with.

Fitting in with that old arcitecture is a major challenge.

Appreciate Architecture buy Saving for a New Home

An interest calculator is a simple way for you to discover just how much you will need to put away in order to get to the point where you would like to be. No matter what you are saving for, you will need to have an idea of just how much money you will need. However, getting there can be very difficult if you do not know where you would enjoy the largest amount of compound savings. Every day that you have your money in the wrong account is one that you are putting off getting where you need to be. What you can do in order to increase the amount of compound savings you enjoy would be to use a calculator whenever you have some money to invest.

When you make this decision with an interest calculator, you would learn how much you will need to invest in order to get the return you are you aiming toward. Also, you can count on the fact that you are not making a bad financial decision. One of the most difficult things about saving for many people is the fact that they do not know what they are doing. If you have ever suffered from insecurity when it comes to your savings account decisions in the past, this calculator will rid your life of any need to worry. After using this tool, you will feel reassured that the figures are on your side and money will keep flowing into your life.

Wine and Magazine Covers

Wine is definitely something which has to be consumed, to be enjoyed don’t you think?

I mean, no matter how great your magazine happens to be, it’s hard to get tastes and truly beautiful images across, only on a magazine rack.  Of course, a wine gift basket allows the magazine to not only talk about wine, but also about the other products which are included.  What I’m trying to say is that, any magazine can be a success, but telling a story with your magazine is becoming increasingly more important by the day.

I mean, with so much competition out there, what are consumers going to do?  Shop around forever? Some will, others will simply enjoy finding a high quality magazine that they enjoy.

Artist Working Enviroment

Many artist are working on a tight budget so find themselves working in less than adequate locations for them to work in. Starting out usually in dark and cold places with other artist in the same type of position. 

Once an artist has found a bit of success, they will often find them moving into a studio and shop/gallery where they are set up to work and display the art that they have been working on. This offers them the chance to work on new things in a more comfortable environment. Some artist done like this though and will prefer to work somewhere that inspires them and helps them work to their greatest potential. With many successful artist still working out of all warehouses or factories that have been converted into work spaces. 

At the end of the day is is all up to personal preference where you decide to work and what is the best place to get the best results for your type of art. 

When someone has purchased a piece of there artwork it important that it is then sent out and delivered professionally making sure that nothing can happen to it during its transportation. This means that that a specialist courier is used or a removal company such as used to make sure that everything arrives in one piece and in perfect condition. As art is normally a one off original piece it is highly important that is arrives intact as replicating an original is impossible. 

Making the right decision is a must for all artists. This can range from the type of paint you use to the envirmoment you decide to working in all the way though to the delivery methord that is used to deliver the final art work. 

Art In Marketing

There has been a recent rise in the sale of marketing and advertising artwork. It has been a big market with people looking to buy old signs and advertising material that was used. 

Most marketing and advertising signs were not made to last they were generally made on the cheap to for a campaign and not to last for a great deal of time being thrown away when it was out of date or replaced. This has made classic signed big business with people paying big money mint condition advertising.

There is a huge market for big name brands with massive collectors of Coke and Pepsi products. The Vendo 44 is the most desirable coke vending machine because of the narrow width, it was only manufactured for 2 years and is very rare these machines will sell upward of £7000 each. Other popular coke items are the large enamel signs that were hung outside shops. 

Lots of men are now collecting this sort of artwork for their garages or dens where they have put together collections of thing they like to look at when they escape. often having signs restored to mint conditions or buying replica pieces to hang. 

It has been come a very popular thing now for bars and pubs to do is have vintage advertisement to go with the new products that they stock as part of the decor in the place. They might have and old Islay scotch advertisement hanging up on the wall along with other old Guinness signs what have been very popular and in some cases iconic such as the toucan “lovely day for a Guinness” sign 



Designing in the new era!

I was discussing with a friend of mine who holds a bachelor degree in Architecture about some of the best designs we have seen during our studies. We have found that we both believe some of the newest appliances and general stuff for our houses have been improving quite a lot lately.

One such example is the design we saw on this miallegro immersion blender. This blender has a nice stainless steel finish that gives it some nice feeling about it. It also has a very minimalistic design which resembles some of the oldest design from Mies Van Der Hohe during the Bauhaus era.

We have seen the trend: big corporations started to realize that design is indeed important and these days just having a good and functional product is not enough. I believe Apple might be the best at this since they are very famous and world wide recogzined by their designs which have won many awards – and probably a lot of money too!

So if you are working at any company – no matter what it does or creates – then you certainly need to take into consideration the design and the time you spent getting your “thing” to look good as this will certainly make a difference in the long run.

Are website templates considered artistic?

For you to design the good site it will require time, work and knowledge. Exactly what are web templates? Are website templates considered artistic? Simply, web templates are usually semi-finished, pre-designed webpages you can use to produce and also host websites in a lot less time. They’ve all the HTML coding for visuals along with logos you may need plus they might be personalized if you want to include new photographs or even content. But there’s a noticeable difference between getting somewhat creative and also becoming a performer using the capability of combining all the components of website headers, careful use of graphics, selections and also design in to a logical and also attractive entirely.

Using this method you are able to assess if your art and you will make use of using an online presence. A free website can also be usually made available from web serves as a means for one to check his or her services. Among the best methods for getting open would be to create a website using search engine website templates. You may get these kinds of internet search engine pleasant websites once you join an incredibly good web design templates company. Even though dining tables unquestionably allow it to be simple to speedily situation wording and also visuals it does go against the grain involving good website design.

Choosing the perfect web artist is a thing that a lot of people themselves up against with some time inside their career, yet it is not uncommon to get a very hard time the process. As possible probably explain to, having a quality web developer may make a huge difference on the globe. To make sure that you are satisfied with your alternatives, often go ahead and take time to appear while hard as you possibly can to discover a web designer that is to be capable of meeting your needs.



Olive Oil in the Media and Art World

Any time we’re talking about a food item which has been around since antiquity, there is going to be a long and historic list of media and art sources which have documented it.

Olive oil is no different in that regard, but perhaps no other food product has been featured as prominently in religious art other than the apple itself.

From the Catholic Baptism to the olive tree paintings themselves, there are literally thousands of examples of art centered around the olive, especially in the Mediterrean basin.  Of course, in modern times there are quite a few books which document the larger olive oil industry in present times.

The Beauty of the First Kiss

We’ve all been through this, well most us probably. The first kiss and how beautiful it was. Young romantics dream and long about this, the kiss that would forever linger as their first. You can see it in movies, in television shows, and even music videos, you can even imagine it as you read through pages of romance stories and novels. What is it really about the first kiss that makes it so special?

The beauty of the first kiss would probably make a good opening story to any sexual education program designed for the youth. It will definitely capture the attention of young male and female audiences alike, sparking their interest, so that they would want to know more about sexual education and the responsibilities that go along with it.

There is a need to expand the coverage of sexual education programs as more and more cases of teenage pregnancies are being reported. Adolescents should be made aware of the risks that go with teenage pregnancy. Proper sexual education should be given to both young males and females to increase awareness on health risks on teenage pregnancy, social factors that affect young parenthood, and other topics such as sexually transmitted diseases.  

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Retro Refrigerators – Kitchen Art

When it comes to great works of art for the home, it is hard to match what a vintage retro refrigerator has to offer. Long lasting durability, impressive design and decent refrigeration performance – these are just three of the most prominent benefits that you can get from a vintage refrigerator. However, many people out there have inhibitions about acquiring one because they tend to associate vintage or retro refrigerators with outdated technologies.

It is true, even the name speaks it, that vintage refrigerators are refrigerators that were literally designed and manufactured at least 50 years ago, with vintage refrigerator parts and accessories that are no way as updated as the modern fridges that we have today. But you can’t deny that vintage refrigerators still have that endearing charm, as they are truly reflections of the lifestyle of a generation gone by.

For those people who are still clueless about the characteristics and qualities of vintage refrigerators, here are some points they should know about:

A vintage refrigerator carries a high price value, especially if the model is no longer released, rare and relatively unique. At some point, vintage fridges may be costly than ordinary and conventional refrigerators that are for sale today. Retro fridges are appraised in terms of age, brand and the complexity of the unit, both technically and in design. They are also highly popular, especially amongst vintage collectors.

The vintage refrigerator’s year of manufacturing date can go as far as 1920s, although most of the vintage and retro fridges, including their antique refrigerator parts, were made and designed in the fifties and sixties.

The primary purpose of a fridge restoration is to restore back an old fridge back into proper working order – meaning, to get it working properly again so that despite its age, you can still ensure the minimum requirements for decent refrigeration. But there’s also room for improvement in terms of cooling performance as well as design updates, as most restoration jobs calls for customization as well.

No need to worry about energy efficiency. True, vintage refrigerators are not energy efficient but once they are restored, their beautiful appearance is well worth the higher electricity bill. These works of kitchen art are well worth the cost.

Art and Technology

Art is deeply connected to technology and scientific discoveries. Not only does the subject matter of art change to reflect how new technology has changed society, but also the way art is made is very much affected by the technology available. This post will explore these two themes.

Art is not only self reflective, it is also strongly connected to humanity. As living conditions change for normal people art reflects these changes as well as comments on these changes. Thus, we have Victorian writers like Charles Dickens describing the utter wretchedness created in the inner city slums of London. At the same time in Hard Times Dickens uses the character of Gradgrind to show how education was becoming mechanical and turning people into automatons. In art we see the paintings of Goya and Picasso expressing the horrors of war. Arthur Miller in Death of a Salesman takes apart the American dream and shows its absurdity and tragedy. These are just a few examples of different forms of art reacting to, reflecting and commenting on society that is going through changes brought about by technology.

At the same time the tools and materials available to artists have changed because of advances in technology. As oil colors got better so artists could use more colors and could produce paintings that would last longer. Modern installation art owes much to development in video technology. Sculptors were restricted to stone and wood that could be worked with a chisel. Now with modern EDM electrode cutting scupltors can use even the hardest metals and alloys for their work. With computers they are able to produce a consistency and an attention to detail that was not possible before. In a way technology has its beauty and art has its practicality (think of furniture). The two are inextricably linked. It is certain that as the digital age progresses so will art forms.

Media News – Production of ParaNorman

It might look like just another family animation film but the production of ParaNorman used some cutting edge techniques.  The workhorse of this production was a bank of four very powerful 3d printers which were essential to production on the film.  The film was created using a technique called Stop-Motion.  This method was actually developed over a century ago and involves using puppet models that are moved slightly to create the next frame and the illusion of movement.

The method is very successful but incredibly time consuming mainly down to people’s expressions.  To complete small movements in the facial expressions, traditionally each look would be sculpted from clay by hand.  However for this film the makers – Laika used the printers.  They had stored on computer a bank of nearly nine thousand 3d faces for just the main character.  Playing around with the various combinations could increase the variations to over 1 million.

They are not the first company to use these sophisticated printers, the famous British company Aardman used them aswell.  In fact their latest film – The Pirates used this technology extensively.  Animators would select  the expressions or looks that they needed then use the 3 printers to produce the finished product.

You can see how essential the printers are to these productions by the amount of work they have done.  In all they used nearly 4 tonnes of ink toner between them.  They were used a total of 572 days mainly printing out the thousands of facial impressions that are required in this production.

As for the film, it is excellent and well worth seeing.   There’s a great little show on the Hulu site at the moment with more on ParaNorman.  You ‘ll need to find an American proxy – to view though.  This is because Hulu has now locked all it’s content down for visitors from outside the US.  Don’t worry though it’s not that hard to use a VPN to hide your real location from the server.

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Finding Cheap Products?

I was recently researching the world of cheap wine when I realized something, there are a number of cheap wine clubs out there which deliver exactly what I was looking for, without the fuss.  The whole process made me think about how the media tends to show wineries and other goods, which generally go up in quality as price increases.  I’m not talking about stuff like watches, which simply work the same, but look better as they get more expensive, but good and foods which really do get better as their price increases.  Wine after all, is a lot like art isn’t it?  Much of the value of the wine is seen in the eye of the beholder.

Media and Wine

I was talking to the owner of the best wine club that I’ve ever been a part of the other day and we had a really, really interesting discussion about the way the media chooses to cover wine.  From their recent stories on the way Costco chooses to buy wine to how local wineries constantly struggle for attention he said that despite the media and American society wanting to feature high net worth clients and products, cheaper almost always wins out.

Personally, I think that’s unfortunate because of the large number of interesting smaller vintners that exist, if only because they absolutely need to charge higher prices in order to stay in business.

Media, Disasters and Holidays

I have never experienced a natural diaster at close hand. I was in Japan when the 2011 earthquake and tsunami hit, but I was far enough away to feel the strong tremor without fearing for my life. It was shocking watching the tragedy unfold on my television screen which was happening just 200 kilometers north of where we were staying. In this instance the media covered the disaster in great detail from beginning to end. Only the disaster hasn’t really ended because Fukushima Nuclear Powerplant continues to give off radiation.

On December 26th 2004 the Indian Ocean Tsunamis struck. They were caused by the biggest earthquake in 40 years. There was a lag of several hours between the earthquake and many of the tsunamis reaching land. However, most of the 150,000 people who died in the first day were entirely caught off guard by the giant waves. There was no early warning system in place to warn people. Where was the media to warn people to move in land?

Indeed where were the media? There are only a few handheld videos as documentary evidence of the tidal wave in Thailand. Is it because it was the day after Christmas? I thought the media loved a good tragedy.

I very recently went with my wife to Khao Lak. Read about our experiences here. It was a shock to us to feel earthquakes while on holiday in Thailand. Some of the people reacted strongly that were near us in the hotel restaurant at the time.

We were reassured by the tanoy warnings telling us to move inland. The staff at the hotel were quick to turn on the TV and radio to get information which was soon forthcoming. It was a big tremor but very shallow so not likely to cause a tsunami. I thought the media did a good job of calming everyone down.

What was more disturbing was the quick to surface rumours that the ‘big one’ was coming to wipe out Phuket just south of where we were staying. The fact that the mayor of Phuket threatened to imprison anyone who spread this rumor and that the media reported this story baffled me.

It’s a mixed bag the media and disasters.

Contemporary art in the University

From decades, contemporary art has maintained pace with culture and holds pride for spreading it unanimously. It is only because of contemporary art that an individual gets accustomed to the culture of different regions or countries. Even universities pay supreme honor to contemporary art since its commencement. Distinct programs in colleges or universities portray contemporary dance, theatre, visual art, culture studies, film and music. To reveal excitement of new cultural events, students assimilate contemporary art in their cheerleading uniforms as well.

  • With great enthusiasm in cultural theatres, sound studios, galleries, facilities and screening rooms, people in huge bulk gather with demanding interdisciplinary and act as an inducement for art enthusiasts, students and scholars of different countries. There is no doubt that contemporary art in Cheerleading uniforms boasts culture of a particular nation and this is the main reason why every uniform posses a different look.
  • Nowadays, you will find many cheerleading costume designers, which are cultural favorites and love to play with contemporary art while designing costumes. Zombie is one of the most commendable brands known for its creativity and unique work on costumes. Dressing up in zombie style is instantly a decipherable favorite of myriad proponents. Zombie cheerleaders are sexy discrepancy on classic themes, which permit a reveler to doll up in a cute outfit and still getting adequately daunting and macabre for the holiday.
  • VCU, a supplier of cheerleading uniforms confirms that they can be had in custom styles that proffer an extensive range of different cuts, colors and themes. The best thing about contemporarily designed uniforms is that customers can easily receive apparels that perfectly suit specification of events whether it is sport, cultural or college. Cheerleading uniforms are made up of quality fabric that is comfortable, long lasting and gives a professional look.

How the Media Helps Some Wineries

I think it’s interesting to look at different industries and how the media can make one company wildly successful, while completely ignoring another.

That whole topic came up after I opened a wine gift from my wife at dinner for my birthday last night.  It was a bottle of wine from Napa Valley in California, called Screaming Eagle.  It is also the most collectible wine made in California.

I wonder what affect the cool name and logo had on how the media decided to cover the brand. Did the art work help to set them apart from some of the other wineries making memorable wine in the area? Is there any way to know for sure?

The art of creative writing

writingWriting has been around for centuries. It can only be imagined what would happen if people years ago didn’t fancy writing and never wrote a letter! Today, writing is considered to be one of the noblest professions around the world. There are many categories and chapters to writers today who indulge in all sorts of writings. Movie scripts to poems to nonfiction to scientific and medical research; the list is endless depending upon the subject. The new age media is driven by what we call is creative writing. It is basically the same act in the most innovative way possible.

While the doors of writing are open to all those who can pick a pen, the scopes to take up this as a profession seems are limited to those who are professionals. Newspapers and magazines alone have sea of different writers with multiple skill sets.  As a writer, one can be a film critic who can speak about the real picture behind what the movie shows or could do a quick review on some of the best juice extractors. Of course, then there are writers who create content for the website and other electronic media. Articles on multiple topics, personalized shopping blogs that compel readers to go shopping and e-books that leave readers wanting for more with greater accessibility are some of the runaway hits in the writing industry.

Creative writing requires the writer to understand the subject or topic in its entirety. The writer is required to look and consider all angles to create a frame before the story starts being penned. The job is tough but has its positives too. An excellent write-up can create waves in the local community and more. Creative writing is one of the best jobs in the world today as long as you pay attention to detail and understand the subject well.

Outside the Mainstream Media

There is a division now in the media that never really existed before. In the past there was the mainstream media that consisted of newspapers and other printed media, television and radio. Outside this mainstram media was the undergound press and a few pirate radio stations. The alternative to the mainstream media was severely limited in reaching a mass audience. As a a result public opinions were much easier to control than they are today.

The internet has been a complete revolution and has arisen as a threat to corporate dominated traditional forms of media. The world wide web is essentially without a center, without a core of owners and editors that can control information. Google likes to see itself as the keeper of the internet but time will prove even the mighty Google as being unable to control, monetize, sanitize and manipulate the internet. The recent spate of changes to the Panda Algorithm was ostensibly to make better content more visible, but really it was to stop the little man hijacking the SERPs. It is for this reason that Google fills many front pages for money-relevant key terms with its own junk – maps, shop listings and of course those who pay to jump the queue with adwords. The more they do this, the less people will find that interests them on Google and the faster new ways of exploring content on the web will be conceived.

The same is true of reviews. Whereas big companies try to monopolize reviews in the mainstream media and online people are dicscovering that blogs on a vast array of topics from Phangan Island, to grasshoppers, to new music, to politics, to coffee makers, to American occupation crimes in Baghdad are far more absorbing, relevant and ‘unflitered’.

As more people become smarter consumers of media; as they download, stream, and browse what they want and as the big media giants fail to stop ‘copying’ by acts of Congress the mainstream media will lose its power, because it will lose a lot of its revenue. The outside media will become the new dominant media.

Support Your Art with a Cash Loan

Many Artists struggle for cash as the income is irregular. Funding your new designs and events can be expensive. The truth of the matter is that you will at some point need to borrow money from someone to help out until you next get paid for your designs. It would be nice to think that you could sell off all your pieces of art straight away but more often that not it doesn’t happen like that. Well at least when you first start out.

If you are unable to borrow money to help out with either an event, new design materials needed or even if you are starting out and need help with your studies, but your friends or family are unable to help you out, then consider using a Cash Loan to help you out in the short term. You can borrow up to £1000 and have the money in your account the next day so there is no delay in getting you the money you need when you need it most. Support your Art if you are really passionate about it, but do be careful to not get yourself into debt. You need to make sure you can pay back the loan.

Commercial Art is the Bread and Butter of the Starving Artist

Arts in the media is a paradox for a number of reasons. Artists need to exist in a world free from constraints and censorship, but sponsorship of media channels by corporations influence arts and media. There’s no way around the obvious, if artists don’t make confrontational art you can make lots of money. Diego Rivera learned a harsh lesson this way. When he made the mural for Rockefeller Center it included the plight of the working man and his struggle to form unions to fight for better wages and better treatment. Mr. Rockefeller was none too pleased as he had had to quell a number of union rebellions in his time. He promptly jackhammered the artwork and told the artist he would not be paid until he made another. Advertised art is a chance for artists to cash in on the indefinable essence of being. Artists have a connection to the world that used to be used to enlighten the masses , now it is used to keep you tuned in, to keep you sitting on your couch and surfing the web for purchases.

The Internet has exacerbated the problem. Now we are not required to frequent local stores to purchase our wares. The things we need and want can be delivered to us by an unknown deliveryman. From unknown sorting stations, from unknown fulfillment centers where faceless employees toil under the constant threat of joblessness. These are conditions no American would recognize as American. It’s difficult to conceive the type of hard work that the lowest paid among us are required to do. Life expectancies in America are found by averages, but it does not always take into account the poorest amongst our society.  in recent years the problem of foreclosures have affected more and more citizens,not just in America, but around the world.  In turn, this has lead to an increase in those looking for properties to rent.  Renting gives people slightly more flexibility, depending on your landlord, but can be equally as challenging as foreclosures if your landlord is particularly unsympathetic to you and your families plight.

Business Case: Media and Art

Art is a form of expression that gives a person, an artist the ability to express their understanding of the world, express their emotions or represent the many facets of life in their art. Media is a platform that uses technology to reach a vast number of people with information that is important in their daily lives.

The business case is this media technology is a great platform to share art.  What is media? Where is media? Media is on television. Media is on radio. Media is in the broadsheets. Media is in advertising. Media is online. The movies is part of media.

Before technology the only means for people to gather news and information about other people is through talk and written letters. The world was small then. News was confined within communities and villages. People’s worlds revolved around their families and their communities.

When radio was invented communities were able to hear news about their cities or province. When television was invented people heard about information about their country and even other countries. Media technology brought the world closer together giving people a vast understanding of the world they live in. When Internet technology entered the picture personal access to any form of information around the world became possible.

Media is a powerful tool for sharing information to the world. This is where it is important to art because art like the news is also information. It is a language. It is a form of expression. Therefore it is material that can be transmitted in any of the media formats. In fact, art is material that media technology sells in the form of movies, music, plays, fashion, advertising etc. It is considered a commodity that people pay for to watch and listen to. As such, the partnership of media and art was instrumental in creating the most lucrative industries in the world. This partnership has allowed artists not only to express their art but also to earn millions from it.

The presence of the movie industry, the advertising industry, the television industry, the music industry to name some show that media is a great platform not just for sharing art but selling it as well.

But how about high-brow art? Some form of art may not be right for media. A Picasso painting for example is best viewed in person at the Louve in Paris. Or an opera is best seen in a theater in Rome, Italy. Just like a Broadway play deserves to be watched inside a Broadway theater in New York. There are just some forms of art that are not compatible with the technology of media. And it is best to keep it that way.

The Media’s Effect on your Nest Egg

Changes in media over the last decade have brought a drastic change to the way we receive information.  When it comes to retirement savings, we have countless new media outlets for consuming helpful information in planning our golden years.  Using a 401k calculator can be a particularly useful tool when it comes to planning for your retirement.

When one wants to map out their retirement goals and objectives, a 401k calculator provides a means through which they can do this. The tool is readily available in many sites. One can attain many benefits when they use this tool to map out their retirement plan.

When most people attain the age of 40, they begin putting their retirement plans in place. It is necessary to not only to estimate the amount of funds you will need to accumulate for retirement, but also know where this money will be invested. This calculator helps you plan your retirement, considering present income and age.

The information required for one to use this tool is current salary, desired retirement package and age at which one intends to call it quits. These details are crucial to help you know how much money that will have accumulated in your account by the time you retire. The tool is both simple to use and convenient.

While these calculators will give you all the numbers, there are other factors to consider as well. Remember that the funds you invest are simply provide a means to enabling you live the life you have always wanted once you stop working. Also remember that the numbers and percentages given do not tell it all; you may need some expert help to make sure that the funds you invest are adequate.

Planning your retirement based on these percentages and figures alone can be disastrous. Even with an elaborate retirement plan in place, you have to plan for unforeseen circumstances. In old age, people often find themselves struggling to pay for their insurance. Sometimes, getting simple health coverage may be difficult, especially when one attains the age of 70.

You therefore need to plan for such expenses. Talk to your insurer to see if they would be willing to cover you even when you are elderly. You also need to figure out if you will continue living in your house. Most people desire to change abode once they stop working. If so, plan for such events.

You may need additional funding to help you achieve this. Factoring all these issues into our retirement plan will help you deal with them effectively when the time comes. The recent financial crises have necessitated the need for prudent financial planning among the citizenry.

Only after factoring all these events should you use the 401k calculator. Keep in mind that these tools simply tell you how much money you can expect to accumulate given your current situation. You may need additional funds to achieve your retirement goals. If this is the case, you should plan on how you will get these funds before you retire.

When you figure out all these things before you use a 401k calculator, you will be able to live comfortably when you retire. Do not hesitate to ask for expert help if you have any doubts. It is better to have a good plan in place rather than struggle during retirement. Remember that if you fail to plan; then you are planning to fail.


The design and usability of online dating sites

Are you looking for love? Then it is a good idea to try services from online dating sites. The most prominent dating sites in Europe are meetic, match4me and be2. Though everybody has their own preferred dating site, I prefer match4me as it is a specific dating site that is mostly focused on matching higher educated singles looking for a serious relationship. Their technology is amazing, and it is incredible how simple ideas have totally changed how things happen in the world today. From doing business to communication, technology has now taken over the art of dating. Online dating is fun and you will only have to go online only when you want to. The best think about dating sites is the usability and design that makes communication and looking for people very simple. To begin with, love souls have to sign up to one of these sites before they can get access to the other millions online.

Most online registration procedures are simple, needing you to fill out simple forms. When choosing your username, simple names should be used. This will make people who have visited your profile remember your name without difficulties. You can decide to remain virtually anonymous by choosing a name that does not disclose your identity. If you feel you have no problem with that, then you can combine your first and last name to create your username. Mostly, one person can only use one username and if the name you intend to use is not available, you still have the option of creating another. Some websites will suggest these names for you.

Inside dating sites, you are required to create your personal profile, describing yourself, your likes and people you would love to date. Usability is better when you have a completely filled profile, making it easy for people looking for people like you to find you easily. You should also upload pictures and videos to go with what you have written about yourself. When searching for people on online dating websites such as Match 4 Me, you will use the various search criteria set by the web creators. In searching, you are presented with various categories of users available. Once you choose your group, you can scale down your results by filtering them into those who are within a certain locality. Some sites will still splice the results into professional levels for those looking for people from a certain profession. Privacy of users is close to the hearts of many web designers, therefore very strict security measures are put in place to protect genuine users from annoying stalkers. Users can report certain users if you think they are participating in activities that are termed as improper by the dating site policies.

The art of online seduction: let your profile speak for you

Online dating is the way to go, and it seems like everyone out there is looking for love and friendship online. In France, you can find many online dating sites if just go and look up search terms such as rencontre gratuit (= free dating) or sites de rencontre (= dating sites). So, with the very many people flocking dating sites to look for lovers and friends, how do you as a woman make your profile stand out? One thing you should understand is that, men fall for the visual features before they dig deeper into your personal characteristics. Your profile picture should portray what you are in real life. Most women think that using pictures when they were young draws men more that how they look now. This is a mistake, and all women should know that other online users can know if such a picture is a fake or outdated picture.

Online seduction tips require that you avoiding mentioning what you are searching for and turn the spotlight on yourself. Focus on telling more about yourself, your hobbies and general details about your fun side of life. Men do not want you telling them which kind of men you like, the cars you like and stuff like that. Give details about your hobbies, what you do when you are free and your adventurous side. If you like soccer, say it and even mention your favorites team or player. Men will be drawn more to girls’ profiles who like to have fun.

There is one thing about online dating and seduction that most women never get to understand, your Ex is your past. One thing for sure, if you still think about the man who dumped you, then you are not ready to move on and you would rather take time to think. Your emotional stresses are not thing you would love to air out on your online profile in dating sites. The negative attitude that accompanies such heartbreaks will hinder your progress, and affect the number of visitors to your profile. Your username plays a major role in the art of online seduction. Choose a name that reflects your likes and hobbies, and leave out provocative ones. It is better to remain anonymous and only present your personal details to people you think you would love to meet. Incomplete online profiles portray people who are not serious, and you will not be getting many replies from those. Above all, do not expose everything about yourself online. Leave the last dance for your one special catch.

Art for Art’s Sake!

I have long been a fan of really creative and unusual art that uses everyday objects out of context and generates a whole new image of the materials being utilised. I was looking on the web site for and saw that it was catering for my taste in art that many other sites just would not touch. Not only that but there was an extensive listing of blogs and other posting relating to an enormous number of other issues aside from art.

One of my friends is a keen biker and artist who has the same kind of fascination for their misplaced or misdirected images of the mundane to create thought provoking works of art. His latest work was to take pictures of  Knee Sliders and work them into a collage representing the death of motorcyclist on our roads. He intended to present his work at a private showing in Boston, but his type of work only attracts a very select group of appreciators. So I alerted him to the possibilities of using site like to advertise his coming display.

I told him that the site catered for just such posts and that it was read by the local cognoscenti of art lovers in Boston. He said that he would give it some thought and went off to finish his piece. Knowing him as I do I went onto the site and started to advertise for him. When the opening night came around he still hadn’t been to the site and was pleasantly surprised at the numbers who turned up just from reading the blogs. It was quite a success and he managed to sell a few of his works for a tidy sum, one which he admitted he would not have made had it not been for me and my computer nous. He is having another show soon and it will be posted…by him this time… Ciao.

Thinking about Website Design for Travel Sites

When I’m designing a new website I am torn between two point of views. The first is the point of view of the website designer – I look at my peers and their work. The other point of view is the end user. I imagine myself using a site and from that thinking about navigation, organization of content and overall feel of the site. These two points of view seem very relevant when looking at designing a site with a travel theme.

For example, if you want to design a site about Choeng Mon beach in Koh Samui I first look at pictures of the beach. YouTube clips are even better. I want to get an idea about the ‘product’ I’m selling or promoting. I want to get the ‘feel’. This feel should be replicated in the design of the site about Choeng Mon. In this case the beach is exclusive, tropical and a place to be pampered in luxury.

I see what other websites have done for similar places and weigh this against the experience of the user. I often find these two positions contradictory. Website designers want to make sites new, innovative and eye catching. From an end user point of view this can often mean that it is hard to navigate the site. Big pictures may sell a location but provide little information. Another thing I’ve noticed is that travel websites like to have a booking engine demanding dates, room type etc. As a traveler  I get annoyed with this. I just want a list of hotels and prices. I don’t want to immediately commit to choosing dates. Maybe I don’t have exact dates yet.

It is by finding an acceptable balance between these 2 ways of looking at travel websites that I arrive at a template from which to build a website. My instinct, however, is to place user-friendliness above innovation and style.

Media, Art and the Full Moon Party

The media has an incredibly short memory. This is no doubt the result of the financial pressures that force the mass media to toe the line of the owner’s opinion and to assuage the prejudices of the reader. In the 1980s the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan island was largely vilified by the media. This was the time of the divisions in the UK and America caused by Thatcherism and Reagan-ism that sought to brand ‘alternative elements’ within society as being inimical to the progress of society.

The Full Moon Party was originally composed of a small group of Thais, hippies and backpackers who smoked a few joints and had a laugh dancing on a beach. The event needed very little policing but that didn’t stop masses of Thai police raiding the parties assisted by British policeman looking to stop long haired types brazenly taking soft drugs.

In the early 2000s the open joint smoking had been stopped. The Full Moon Party started to attract staggeringly large numbers of people (up to 30,000). The money made the event good. Despite the fact that the party goers were now taking class A stimulants. Since this behavior is not openly seen. The problem of drugs at the party was declared over and the media could focus on promoting the cash cow.

This is the story of may illegal raves turned into legal dance evenings. The surface undesirability is replaced by something worse but not superficially apparent. The commercial nature of the events make hypocrisy all the more necessary.

Is there any art at the Full Moon Party? The proficiency of the DJs is a type of art. Although those DJs that use computers and have the help of beat matchers have questionable abilities as disc jockeys. Few big name DJs play at the party and so it can hardly be labeled as a ‘showcase’ for talent.

The real art of the Full Moon Party is the ability to consume gallons of Thai whiskey buckets and make it through the night without passing out, throwing up or drowning in the sea.

In truth the event is neither as good or as bad as people or the media imagine. It’s not really about the music. It’s more just about saying you went to the world’s biggest moon party.

Media Health Blitz

It is no wonder that the general public are so confused when it comes to making healthy food choices. How can some people believe that eating meat is the right thing while others won’t even drink milk never mind eat a burger. It all comes down to the conflicting information we read every day. Primal diet, paleo diet, Mediterranean diet and alkaline diet are just some of the ways of eating that are often discussed.

Should we eat meat or avoid it? How about eating fruits, is this good or bad for us? Is reducing our carbohydrate intake going to help us lose weight? Depending upon who you read of course, you’re going to hear different sides of the story.

So some people hate carbs while others love them. This is the information we are presented with through the modern media via channels such as Youtube.

Some of the best information that I’ve read is being advised to follow my heart. Do you really think that eating lots of fruits is a bad thing? What does your heart tell you? I know what I believe. There’s a host of juicer reviews that we can read through on the internet. So if eating your fruit isn’t your thing, you could try juicing it up in the morning. Not only will you feed your body with tons of great vitamins and minerals but juices help to keep us hydrated too.

Reality and the Media

It is not hard to find people who think the media has become unreliable, and completely ridiculous. The reality of the situation and the people within the story are always much different than what actually has happen.  How can one person tell us a story and by the time the media is done with it there is nothing even closely recognizable.

Lets take  traffic accident claims for an example.  Just the other day I was watching the local morning news and they were showing clips of cars sliding down the road hitting other cars. As I looked I saw it was actually the street just one block down.

To the news media there was no less than 17 cars who met this fate that day. However, upon asking my neighbor who filmed the event I found out there was only 6 cars. Given, 6 cars sliding down the road crashing into each other and everything else you could imagine is a lot of car accidents but why claim there was more?

New Media Art

With the changes in technology, the world of art has been given quite the whiplash. There is plenty of new ways to create art outside of the painting and sculptured worlds. These new pieces of technology have created a new genre of art in new media art. It encompasses works of art made with new media technologies.

This includes things like digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, Internet art, interactive art, computer robotics, and even biotechnology. What differentiates itself from paintings and sculptures is its relationship to the observers of the work within these culturally and socially new mediums. It often lends itself to being engaged with those looking upon the artwork.

There are also many forms of artistic expression within new media art. The practices range from conceptual to virtual art. This can mean anything from performance to installation. Many of the themes within this art pertain to the avenues computers have created in identity, collaboration, cultural appropriation, surveillance, and other technological issues.

The Art of Food at McDonalds

Those who have recently completed a McDonalds application and gone onto to work there will have witnessed first hand the changes in the McDonalds menu and the way the food it serves is made, with most changes coming as a reaction to the calls for healthier fast food.

For example in 2011 as a whole McDonalds purchased 54 million pounds of fresh apples. In 2009 they did not purchase any. all the apples are now used in their healthier salad options as well as in their kids meals, as children now get a side of apple slices as well as a smaller sized fries with their Happy Meals.

Other new food innovations have included the Snack Wraps, new menu items that were crested by Chef Daniel Coudreaut, whose previous job before becoming “head of menu management” for McDonalds was as the executive chef of the prestigious Four Seasons resort in Dallas, Texas.


The Art of Good Coffee

Learning the art of producing a  a perfect espresso can take a very long time and your average person just wouldn’t have the time or inclination to undertake the necessary training just make a better daily brew. These days, however help is at hand. The new breed of single serve capsule coffee machines, such as the Nespresso Citiz by Magimix or Krups, just make life so much easier. Obviously they don’t give you quite the result that you would get if  you were sipping an espresso which had been lovingly prepared by a barista in a pavement cafe in Rome or Florence but for your day to day coffee habit they aren’t half bad.

Creative advertising: Art or science?

We’ve seen them before, highly controversial and thought provoking. I remember a few years back when I was driving down the highway. I saw a billboard about the dangers of smoking and it showed a horrific picture of x-ray’d lungs in a microwave looking device and the lungs looking more like a pair of grilled steak.

Is this form of advertising art or science I wonder? You see, as an architect, I have always thought of advertising as a form of business, a hard science and nothing to do with art. But there are plenty of ads that display images for the purpose of education as opposed to the generation of corporate income. I spoke to a representative of an internet marketing company the other day and what they told me was that there is a growing trend of creative marketing where the purpose of an image is designed to capture attention and be thought provoking.

I can also relate to this trend as recently I had to design a building that represents “a ship sailing in the ocean” and it was supposed to convey a message of being dynamic and pioneering. I guess there is art in business after-all.

Choosing Cat Furniture That Fits Your Home Decor

Design is important in my life and I like to have a home where everything fits together in its perfect little way.  This is all well and good but when you have two teenage boys running riot and a cat who thinks he owns the place, it doesn’t always work out the way you want it.

Take for example my cats litter tray.  Luckily for me he does most of his toilet business outside and I never come across it so that makes me very happy.  However, when he does go in his litter tray he stinks the whole house out – it really is a nasty experience.  We have tried putting his litter tray out in the garage but then we have to leave the garage door open so it defies the purpose.  We tried the utility room but again, no cat flap in the door means its a problem.

I was getting to the end of my tether with it all until one of my neighbours suggested buying cat litter box furniture from this great website.  This cat furniture is designed to look like a piece of normal furniture, say and end table or chest of draws, but it actually holds a cat litter tray and has a cat flap in the side so the cat can get in and out at his or her leisure.  The whole side opens out which allows the owner to clean the tray when required and the cabinet itself comes in many different veneers so it can match the rest of the furniture in that room or through your home.

The best bit of all this is that the cat litter furniture actually keeps all the nasty smells as well as the unsightly messes hidden away so me, my wife, kids and even guests don’t ever have to see the cats toilet business until we need to clean it out.  I can not tell you how happy that makes me!

The Art of Ashiatsu: Enhance Personal Wellness

Nowadays, with our hectic lifestyles, our entire being is always confronted with a lot of activities, both physically and mentally that in some aspects affect our personal wellness. Many forms of pampering activities can be availed almost anywhere to give us the needed relaxation and regeneration.

One of the most sought forms of massage therapy that is making names in most spa providers is the “Ashiatsu“. This kind of therapy is considered as an art already with the way the massage therapist performs the entire bodywork massage, wherein foot pressures are given to the body of any client in aim to provide total relaxation. As the massage therapist applies this therapy, artistic movements are carried throughout with the use of custom-made bars as its main tool needed for the balance and support in order to give appropriate pressures while treating the client, but other physical movements of the elbows, knees and hand are used for the other parts of the body.

In general, Ashiatsu is a true work of art with every rhythmic movement done by the massage therapist. Although this type of therapy isn’t included in the claims coverage for medical billing and coding specialists, still with your extra savings, you too can avail this form of relaxation and reward yourself to this kind of pampering once in a while.

The goal of this therapy is to bring comfort and ease all the aching muscles, thus making every individual improve his/her mental attributes and overall physical conditions. Here are some reasons why one should experience the art of Ashiatsu:

1.     Improve Immune System

Any person can benefit from this massage therapy because with regular sessions, one can improve his/her immune system needed to prevent certain sickness.

2.     Increase Blood Circulation

As the therapist conducts the whole body massage, this increases blood circulation with the right application of pressures to the body. Good blood circulation means normal flow of blood and oxygen levels which are vital in preventing any respiratory diseases and high blood pressure.

3.     Relax Tense Muscles

With continuous usage of this massage therapy, one can be assured that all tense muscles are given attention and eliminated in the long run, thus giving you a more relaxed feeling.

Find the best spa provider that offers this kind of massage therapy and come out a more renewed you at the end of each session.